Over the years, I developed a set of life principles that have shifted my mindset — along with thousands of others I have coached— to finally live the abundant life they always dream.

These beliefs have been empowering so many of my clients because this principles I specifically design and I teach also in the Unlimited Wellness Program to help your brain develop what I like to call it the -bounce back- mechanism to get your mind in the zone of a positive last long mindset, so you can start creating the magic space in your mind and welcoming your wholeness and freedom, if you start applying this principles you finally will start experience that anything you can put your mind and soul on became possible for you. Think of these magic 14 mindset beliefs like a secret elixir to Free your mind  and became unstoppable.

Principle 1: Be the Creator and follow your heart.

Follow your heart and take a radical responsibility to create the purposeful life you deserve,

Take ownership or your past actions because you are the creator now and always been. What you living right now I know maybe you don’t like the sound of it but you create it, sorry to be so honest but it’s the true maybe you create your circunstances subconscious or conscious but embrace it – You have created the life that you’re currently living, no one else.

And yes of course there are circumstances that are outside your control, but you also have been responsible for how you face that challenge or circumstances and you always have a CHOICE to respond in a powerful way showing up for yourself or giving up and playing small, I know myself very well how playing small is because I was playing for years -the Victim game-  I was living in the confort zone avoiding taking the responsibility of my own happiness and destiny, being the victim is easy  in the end of the day you don’t need to do nothing just seat down and feel sorry for yourself all day… I being doing that for years my lovely friend but the TRUTH IS Being in the comfort zone  doesn’t create the life of your Dreams! 

The sooner you step up for yourself can break the habit of playing the VICTIM GAME AND blaming others or your circumstances OR for what your life looks like, the sooner you’ll be EMPOWER TO create the life you always wanted.

This is the first and most important principle; the number one which everything else depends on. BE THE CREATOR AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART and Take radical responsibility for your life.

Principle 2: FAILING IS GOOD.

 If you FAIL in what you create refocus and create again, the more resilience you have and the more flexible in your approach the most success you’ll experience.

If you’re looking at your life right now, and you feel like a failure, I can tell I was there so many times, but what I learn over the years after failing over and over and start again over and over Is instead feel a failure you can choose learn the lesson, OVERCOME YOUR FEAR AND LIMITATIONS AND refocus and create again, AND AGAIN! Failing is good, the most you fail the most resilience you develop and the MOST LAST LONG success you’ll experience. Also is good HAVE A FLEXIBLE MIND AS the most flexible and soft with yourself you became the best you will arise.

 You can decide now you ARE the DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE, the writer OF THE chapters in your life AND the director of YOUR DESTINY.


Principle 3: Create always from your SOUL.

If you WANT TO reach a goal or create something but is not coming from your soul, is just a goal or “dream” based in other people opinions or expectations you are giving your power away TO OTHERS and chasing goals from a place of fear, you became a slave of other people dreams, probably you are being the PEOPLE PLEASER I just to be for so many years! until I break free that cycle and start creating the life of my dreams listening to my soul. Let me tell you closely -the opinion matters the most is your opinion- so start creating from that place you know is abundant creativity, love and compassion and miracles will happen.

It’s totally okay to have goals, to want change later, and to want something badly. But it’s important to channel this energy into taking inspired action like Tonny Robbins said, and then release your expectation and attachment to the outcome. When you create from your soul step one is Surender to the process and step two is  trust that the Universe will give you exactly what you need when you need it, maybe not when you want it but when you actually are ready. Remember, you came here in this planet earth with a purpose so trust the universe and trust your soul voice, when you listen you will found all the answers within you.

Principle 4: Let flow all the emotions within you in your life.

Stop pushing away your negative emotions, embrace it, face it and feel the pain within you because eventually will go away I promise, maybe will take short time or long time to heal and release the frustration, trauma, depression, anxiety or bad feelings you’re experiencing …but I belief what you resist PERSIST so feel the bad feelings is the best thing to do for free yourself from them. I give you an example: If you think about life we have always the opposites: support and challenge, the Yin and yang, Black and white, happy or sad, Masculine and feminine..

This means you can let go THE PRESURE TO to be happy all the time! Because a hundred percent I can say is unrealistic living thinking you’ll experience the perfect life all the time with any challenge!

I invite you to say YES to feel every emotion arises within you and LET GO THE need to win all the time or being happy all the time! I been trying sustain unrealistic expectations myself pushing away the negative emotions for years trying be the perfect mum, wife, daughter, friend… pushing away any negative emotion and this my beautiful friend is not only a waste of your precious energy also can cause illness in your body, I know from my own experience ending in a hospital with a chronic fatigue and stress. Start embracing any feeling with love and compassion to yourself and give yourself permission to feel any emotion knowing that it will pass eventually. Remember also asking for support if you need to release your negative emotions it is a sign of courage and strength not weakness.

Principle 5: Be Present in the moment.

STOP thinking about the past, the future, the weather, the traffic, the economy, the corona virus, what other people think of you, how other people life their lives, worry about you getting old, taxes, and the cost of life increasing, the expensive school fee you need to pay for your kids education…etc)

Many people spend their time worrying in their minds in things actually they cannot control! Worrying about issues like this is a wasting of time and energy, time you can use TO start creating THE meaningful life you always wanted, and this my beautiful friend starts IN THE NOW, IN LIVING A LIFE MORE FOCUS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, because is in the present where you can take that

radical inspired action that can shift your lifestyle forever.

Principle 6: Your thoughts create your reality

Master your mind and your thoughts because every thought you think have energy and the Universe feel it, the universe is listening to your thoughts and words, and it will give you more of what you’re focus on. I give you a clear example:

if you’re always saying how unlucky you are, guess what? The Universe will keep giving you more of that, situations will be the evidence of what you asking for! Unlucky staff! If you always say that you have no money, or will never get out of debt, or will never feel better again, then the Universe is going reflect back to you what you asking for.

So be very careful with your thoughts, refocus and start to think in what you want and stop any negative thought you don’t want to manifest, remember what you think you became and what your focus goes energy flows.

Principle 7: BE GRATEFUL

This is one of my favourite wellness tool -GRATITUDE-, the benefits of getting the habit of being grateful Is life changing. Adopting an attitude of gratitude will open your eyes up to all the joy that’s already there in front of you. It will set your days for success when you wake up in the morning and connect with the habit of gratitude, you can get a journal and call it MY gratitude journal and start writing everyday 7 things you’re grateful FOR, by doing this you start training your brain to identify things you’re thankful for. When you start this habit of looking for  things to be grateful for, you’ll be surprise at just how much you found in your life.

Principle 8: Get out of the CONFORT ZONE and Stretch YOURSELF to your limits

If you want to transform your life,  you’re going to have to do something different something you will feel very uncomfortable because you’ve never done it before. Understand this process of step up for yourself you’ll do things you didn’t done before and this require stretching yourself and get out of your comfort zone then you’re are in the unknown territory and this is scary my friend!, I know I suffered in my own skin and you feel so uncomfortable that is the opposite of enjoyable!, but let me tell you if you really serious about transform your life you need know same actions leading to the same results, so if you want different outcomes in your life you need start doing different stuff my sweet friend.

If you ready to change your life I need be honest with you it will feel scary at the beginning, you’ll feel nervous, anxious and you’ll be afraid, but the good news is  when you use to doing new staff your brain get comfortable with it, being in the unknown territory almost is exciting!

Remember APPLY this principle of stretching yourself and being uncomfortable because is a direct correlation between your success and your ability to tolerate discomfort.

Principle 9: Stop comparing YOURSELF with others.

Everyone is in his own journey of evolution, so stop comparing yourself with people you look on social media who’s further down the track than you, who’s achieved more, have more followers, who’s looking they done it faster,better….

Comparing is a dangerous game you’ll be trap in a negative cycle will slow down your growth don’t measure yourself against others, because what matters in the end is YOU WORK towards your goal and you are exactly in the right place, right moment, right path to achive the next step of your growth. Be aware of adopting this principle and your success will skyrocket.

Principle 10: Control your Reactions

There will be ups and downs in your life, always! that’s the reality, so maybe you’re facing difficult situations and experiences that arises feelings of fear, anger, frustration, sadness or any number of different feelings, but is not what happens to you is HOW YOU REACT what matters the most. Always you can choose how to react to the challenges life present you, you can react in a powerful way and strength the muscle of resilience learning from that experience or you or you can react in a powerless way and give your power away, when you decide taking  the responsibility of react in a powerful way you always win. The choice is yours, so choose wisely. 

I personally live by this 10 LIFE PRINCIPLES that change my life and also so many others lives, I encourage you to embrace it, trust this principles, apply it consistently and you will have incredible results.  

If you like this Article share it and please if you have any more life principles to add to my list Share below and tell me which is the very first principle on my list you’ll start applying into your precious life. Share it! SANDRA LOPEZ.

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