News, programs on tv, emails, Instagram, facebook, linkedin, blogs….omg! I’m stressed right now just thinking about that feeling I just to have of never feeling I GET enough of information, I recognize now I being overeating content and  I became so addicted to digesting and processing new information every second.

I want to ask you, also you felt or feeling overwhelm with the content different channels of information present to us in the everyday basis?

Personally I can say YES, But I am here to remind you -Overwhelm- doesn’t have to be your reality, you CAN choose to control what you reading on social media, who you listen on podcast or what videos you’re watching on youtoube, start to ask this question to yourself:  How many times a day do you consume content? When? And with what purpose?

Then is when you bring awareness in to your consuming patterns, do you scrolling on social media because you are bored ? or because you thing you miss out something if you not looking your social media for a few hours? Or just you fill up yourself with information from everywhere because you think others know better than you? think now start to bring awareness to the process of overeating information and start to take your control back instead to put yourself out there leaving another people run the show calls LIFE for you!

The solution OF OVER CONSUMING INFORMATION? YOU. IT’S YOUR CHOICE choose in what things you’re spending your time and  stop wasting your ENERGY AND time  on mindless unhealthy content consumption that’s causing you to feel overwhelmed and CHOOSE INSTEAD CAREFULLY THE CONTENT YOU PUT IN YOUR MIND, EAT HEALTHY CONTENT and put yourself in a healthy diet content which include not only receive content also share your content, share your gifts with the world, shine bright share your opinions and remember you always choose where, how and with who you spend your precious time!

Understand that is always a balance consumption of information that’s healthy, inspiring and entertaining. But today we being bombarded and we try catching up to stuff doesn’t light our soul up I see nobody is talking about this in social media they prefer followers and bombard you with lots of information than teach people to be the creators of content, but I’m not afraid to  speak the truth and inspire you to became more confident with yourself and recognize you have also a voice and opinion to share very unique and personal that a lot of people around the world will value so spent time to go deep within and found your own answers to some important questions that are important to you, search out there for information but don’t think your ideas doesn’t matter because maybe if you bring it to light you will be surprise how you can impact and inspire people with your own unique vision of the world.

Decide today Overwhelm doesn’t have to be your reality, you CAN always choose what content consume, being aware is the key and also became more confident about within you maybe are the answers you’re looking for.

Here is my tips to a Healthy content Diet to Free your Mind

  1. Become aware of the content you consume in any form. Asking yourself questions :This is serving me, empower o disempower me?, this is the content I need read or listen that will help me to move forward in my life?
  2. BE conscious of you always have a choice. Don’t Also  just have the TV on in the house or radio in the car for ‘background noise’. This is programming your subconscious mind, be alert and decide don’t let stuff in doesn’t serve you.
  3. I’m a massive fan of healthy boundaries so put some into place to prevent the mindless content consumption. Decide when to turn your phone off and detox your mind, you don’t need be available 24 hours a day, that’s exhausting.
  4. Block time for You. It’s time to break that habit and reclaim some peace for your brain by choosing to block moments just for you throughout your day. Give yourself permission to just be in those moments… you can choose what to do in that space of time but make sure is not content consumption the purpose in this moments is free your mind.
  5. EAT SLOWLY try the 20 min RULE. Give yourself the GIFT of Eat in peace AT LEAST block 20 min for eat your meals. Do you eat and watch TV or eat and scroll social media? When you are doing anything whilst you are eating your body is not fully relaxed and therefore can not digest your food properly. Put down your phone, turn off the TV!
  6. Choose quality of INFORMATION over quantity, be aware of the feelings arising when you consume any type of information and if you find yourself getting stressed out every time you watch the news, it might be time to give yourself a break of watching the news it will be the best thing you can do for your wellbeing and your mental health.
  7. UNSUBSCRIBE please. Only follow accounts and subscribe to content that’s adding real value and joy to your life. Follow accounts and subscribe to people that inspire, motivate and uplift you and unsubscribe accounts that doesn’t serve you or inspire you. You always have a choice of what you allow in your brain so don’t feed it with trash.
  8. STOP MULTITASKING and feeding yourself with 2 different streams of content at the same time, choose quality over quantity and stay consciously present. Do NOT watch a movie with your kids and start scrolling through your Insta feed at the same time, this it’s NOT healthy for your brain.

I hope these 8 tips are useful for you to free your mind and please feel free to add any your tips in the comments so we toguether can start enjoying a HEALTHY DIET CONTENT and skyrocket our mental well-being!

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