Learn to Upgrade your Mindset FOR WELLBEING

 I’m Sandra LOPEZ Health & Wellness Coach, mindset expert and one of the best Health Gurus.

I spent the past 10 years teaching the magic formula to  wellness and vitality  and I can tell you all STARTS with a healthy mindset, Here’s how I explains it to my clients:

The key to a wellness mindset and wellbeing, is the ability to mindfully bring your perceptions back into balance through living by priority.

When it comes to developing a mindset for wellbeing, the majority of people tend not to be aware or mindful of the fact that physical wellbeing begins in the mind.

Billion-dollar industries have been selling the magic solution to wellbeing on the basis “pill for every ill” mentality, then we started believing that something external is what we need to have physical wellness. Vitamins, supplements, antidepressants and a host of other pharmaceuticals have become synonymous with increased wellbeing, and only a very few people opting to adopt an “inside out” approach, MY only approach I always will defend and it begins with YOU taking your power back, stop relying in external stuff & fully taking the responsibility for your wellbeing.

In my signature program -Unlimited Wellness– In pilar 1 I start teaching You how developing a wellness mindset.

We start working on your perceptions as I believe an imbalanced perception always resulting in imbalanced actions and this affect negatively in the neurochemistry on your body.

The UNLIMITED WELLNESS FORMULA starts with teaching YOU how to solve issues and balance YOUR emotions, I use my own unique method “Reset & Refocus” to help YOU  balance your perceptions and emotions.

The truth is: “You can alter your chemistry as a result of altering of your perceptions. If you change those perceptions, you change your chemistry and skyrocket your wellness “.

Every imbalanced perception is stored in the subconscious mind, which results in messing up the chemistries in your brain.

You have incredible homeostatic mechanisms in your brain for balancing electrochemistry, neurohormones, neuroregulators and neurotransmitters. However, most individuals are likely to keep perturbing it by holding on to previous imbalanced perceptions and storing active judgments about themselves, others, the world… 

If you don’t take the time to neutralize these perceptions and neutralize the chemistry, those chemistries can affect your physiology, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity in the brain, thereby resulting in compensatory symptoms most of the times resulting in illness.

Illness is good my beautiful friend! I always say it because is a feedback mechanism to let you know that you’re storing imbalanced perceptions in your subconscious mind.

We’re constantly being bombarded through tv, social media, press …to remind us of a sort of things that keep us stuck in the negative spiral of feeling never enough.

I definitely belief that the key to a mindset for wellbeing is the ability to bring your previously negative perceptions back into balance.

While you don’t have direct control of your chemistry, you do have indirect control of your chemistry by changing your perception.

What happens in the past you can’t control, what will happen in the future is uncertain but ONE THING you can do today to have control over in your life is learn how to balance your PERCEPTIONS, then you’ll taking better DECISIONS, and doing better ACTIONS in your life.

Let me be very honest with you and tell you the secret to skyrocket your wellness:

Change your perceptions!  And you will change your neurochemistry and skyrocket your wellbeing. THE MAIN  result WHEN you balance out your perceptions and chemistry IS YOU FREE yourself from grief, depression, frustrations, fantasies, nightmares and anxieties, as well as all the things that distract you from being present and empowered.

If you don’t have command over those in your own life and you keep expecting somebody out there to rescue you, or if you feel tempted to take a pill for every ill, then you’re likely to be disempowered in comparison to what you are capable of.

Being mindful of your highest values along your journey is essential to maintaining a mindset for wellness.

Every individual have standards or a set of priorities in life, a set of values that are unique to them, including you. What’s important to you, or what is highest on your set of values determines how you perceive and evaluate your world and what events or individuals are considered supportive or challenging. Therefore your set of values impacts your mindset.

When you live A LIFE in accordance with HIGHT STANDARS OR VALUES, I like to call it a PURPOSEFUL LIFE  –you can’t wait to get up in the morning and do stuff – your blood, glucose and oxygen goes into your forebrain because your reality, values and perceptions are aligned.

Living with a priority mindset WITH high values puts you on your journey to wellness.

If you fill each of your days with the highest priority, most meaningful and fulfilling actions, you will increase your resilience and adaptability.

Prioritizing your life is one of the First Steps I teach each in my LIMITLESS WELLNESS PROGRAM and I use a unique formula to RESET AND REFOCUS your MIND of any subconscious baggage holding you back so YOU FINALLY can transform your mind rewiring your perceptions. You achive a Purposeful and meaningful life that what happens outside of you no longer matters, but instead what matters is how you perceive, decide and act upon it.

You have amazing resilience and adaptability to whatever happens to you, if you transform your attitude.

In the Limitless wellness Program you go through a Transformational COACHING EXPERIENCE, where I  take individuals like you through a journey that tap maybe in thoughts and experiences that you might never want to go through again, but this is important step there to help you find out the upsides and benefits that you may not have perceived before in that experience. In that way, it doesn’t matter what goes on out there, because you will know how to take command of perceiving it in such a way that you win.

Then instead of looking to pharmaceuticals or other so-called “quick fixes”, you’re likely to be able to normalize your own physiology, bring your perceptions back into balance, get clear on your mission and purpose, live by your highest priorities, and delegate lower priority things and empower your journey.

As a result, you are likely to experience an unbelievable amount of energy, focus and inspiration. That’s the mindset that creates wellbeing.

So, if you want to master your life, know that:

  •                                The key to balancing out your physiology, psychology and wellness is to know how to change your PERCEPTIONS AND START TO ask yourself  QUALITY questions that will make you make you feel always happy.
  •                                Practicing the limitless wellness formula you are likely to be liberated from a tremendous amount of emotional baggage so you can have more freedom in life to do what you really love to do.

I personally truly believe that ILLNESS IS GOOD AS every symptom in every area of your life – your mental symptoms, business symptoms, financial symptoms and social symptoms are all because emotional imbalances AND THAT IS A SIGN OF one area of your life needs ATTENTION, YOUR BODY ALWAYS SPEAK WITH YOU BUT MOST OF US DON’T LISTEN UNTIL WE SICK.

Until you can create a mindset for wellbeing by managing your emotions, don’t expect ALSO SUCCEED in  manage your money, relationships, or anything in your life.

In conclusion:

Symptoms and illness are the best and most effective way of revealing to your awareness the aspects of a situation that you are unconscious of or ignoring so that you may return to a balanced orientation.

Unlimited Wellness and vitality result from balanced perspectives and actions, if symptoms and illness frequently arise in your life is because imbalanced perspectives and actions.

To return to wellness, it is wise to live by priority each day:

  •                                Prioritize your daily actions, upgrade your habits
  •                                Prioritize the nourishment of your mind and body
  •                                Prioritize who you interact with that is nourishing your soul
  •                                Prioritize your contribution to others

Living by priority is one of the wisest things you could do to empower your physiology. When you are mindful about doing what you love and are living by priority, you are likely to skyrocket your neurochemistry, vitality and overall wellbeing, you are likely to be liberated from a tremendous amount of emotional baggage so you can experience more freedom in life!

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